Gold Training/Practice Expedition - Canoeing

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Day 1 is a training day. We expect that anyone booking onto a Canoeing expedition has at least a small amount of experience before hand. The purpose of this training day is simply to assess your core paddling skills and for one of our team to go through basic safety and rescue techniques. If you have never even sat in a Canoe before, we do suggest you get in touch to arrange a training day, this is usually the day before. After a day of paddling training, we will arrive at your campsite. We will spend a few minutes just discussing campsite choice for the next few days and make sure you all know how to set up your tents. In the evening we will discuss a few bits about first aid and emergency action plans ETC.

Day 2, 3 and 4 is your official Practice Expedition. On completion of the practice Expedition, your Instructor Team will give you and your team a full debrief, ensuring any questions or worries are sorted and you are fully prepared to take on the challenge of your Qualifying Expedition.

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