Gold Qualifying Expedition - Kayaking

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As per DofE requirements, this is a 4 Day & 3 Night Expedition. During this expedition you and your team will be 100% self-sufficient. Our team of Supervisors & Assessors are there for one job and one job only. To facilitate a successful expedition. They are not there to watch every move to find a mistake to fail you on! So relax! This is meant to be an amazing experience!

Our team will meet you at the start point to issue your boats and equipment, its then over to you! We will operate pre-arranged checkpoints and ensure you stay on track and safe at all times, but this is for all intensive purposes your expedition, we are here to help!

On completion of a Qualifying Expedition, you and your team will be expected to deliver a short presentation on your expedition aims and your overall expedition experience.  Once complete, your Assessor will deliver a debrief on your last 4 days and all being well, congratulate you on a successful expedition. After your expedition, your Assessor will upload a full Assessors report, direct to your eDofE account and you are done!

(If you would like to receive a copy of this via Email for your own records, please inform your Assessor before you leave.)

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