Bronze Qualifying Expedition - Walking

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The Qualifying Expedition is a 2 day and 1 night, self-sufficient Expedition. We will follow a similar routine to your practice Expedition. You will meet your Instructor team and expedition group, your Instructor team will carry out a full kit check and set off on your route. Supervision during the qualifying expedition is conducted with a more remote approach, letting you and your group figure it out together, with our team only stepping in when needed. However, our team we still carry out multiple check points and may even walk into see you at various point along your route.

On completion of the Qualifying Expedition, your team will deliver your Expedition Aim Presentation to your Assessor who will then sit down with you and run through a full debrief, where they will also discuss your next steps and begin to set you off on your route to Silver. After your expedition, your Assessor will upload a full Assessors report, direct to your eDofE account.

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