Bronze Training/Practice Expedition - Walking

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Thanks to the new changes, we can now run training and practice rolled into one. Meaning you now spend only 2 days with us, but our team of instructors will be working with you throughout the entire 2 days. This helps ensures that participants are well prepared for a unsupported Qualifying and makes successful completion a far more likely outcome.

Training includes practical navigation training, route planning, cooking and stove
safety, basic first aid and camp craft. Every aspect of your expedition is covered so that you are completely confident in your ability to pass your expeditions. We will help you to ensure you are equipped with all necessary equipment, before you set off on one of our tried and tested routes, along with one of our team of Instructors. Our practice routes have all be specifically chosen to be challenging enough to help develop skills, without being overwhelming. On completion of expedition, your Instructor will give you and your team a full debrief, ensuring any questions or worries are sorted and you are fully prepared to take on your Qualifying Expedition.

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