Gold Qualifying Expedition - Walking

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As per DofE requirements, this is a 4 Day & 3 Night Expedition in Wild Country. During this expedition you and your team will be 100% self-sufficient. Our team of Supervisors & Assessors are there for one job and one job only. To facilitate a successful expedition. They are not there to watch every move to find a mistake to fail you on! So relax! This is meant to be an amazing experience!

Our team will operate pre-arranged checkpoints and ensure you stay on track and safe at all times, but this is for all intensive purposes your expedition, we are here to help!

On completion of a Qualifying Expedition, you and your team will be expected to deliver a short presentation on your expedition aims and your overall expedition experience.  Once complete, your Assessor will deliver a debrief on your last 4 days and all being well, congratulate you on a successful expedition. After your expedition, your Assessor will upload a full Assessors report, direct to your eDofE account and you are done!

(If you would like to receive a copy of this via Email for your own records, please inform your Assessor before you leave.)

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