Gold Training/Practice Expedition - Walking

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At Jurassic Watersports, our Training and Practice Expeditions are ran as a 4 day block. The first day is an intensive training day. Usually based from a campsite, we will meet you in the morning, introduce everyone to each other and introduce your instructor team. They will then go through a plan for the next 4 days and conduct a kit check, before running through our basic campcraft training and asking you to set up camp.

Once settled in, we are straight out on the hill. Your instructors will start by putting you through your paces to assess your current navigation ability. Once assessed, they will begin to deliver any training required to get you up to the required standard. After this long and intensive day of training, you will arrive back on camp. Your instructors will then run you through any emergency procedure, first aid or general expedition skills training that couldn't be covered while out on the hill. They will then deliver our basic camp stove safety training and leave you to have some dinner. Over dinner, you will sit down with your team and Instructors to discuss the routes and plan for the next 3 days.

The second day is the start of your Practice Expedition. You will set off with your team, implementing the skills you practised the previous day. Your instructor team will be in and out with advice and top up training as required, based on their assessment of your ability the day before.

The remainder of your time with us will be a standard expedition as you will likely be use to from previous levels of award. Your evenings will be spent discussing your Qualifying Expedition, reviewing any changes to kit you might make and discussing meal planning as a team.

At the end of this expedition your instructor team will sit you down and review the last few days and run a group debrief to ensure that you are all prepared to undertake your Qualifying Expedition. 

(If you are going on to complete your Qualifying Expedition elsewhere, we are happy to issue a report on this expedition to pass on to the next provider.)

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